“The wound is the place where light enters you.” — Rumi
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About Linda

Linda Carroll was born in 1944 in San Francisco and adopted into an Italian Catholic family. Very early, she discovered poetry as a form of prayer and a window into an expanded life. In 1961, when Linda graduated from high school, San Francisco was already buzzing with counterculture music, arts, and style, and Linda found herself selling beads and going to peace marches.

After finishing her bachelors degree in Oregon in the seventies, she moved to New Zealand, where she raised children on an 86-acre sheep farm. She returned to Oregon in the eighties and received a masters in counseling, and began practicing as a therapist.

In the nineties, she and her veterinarian husband, Tim Barraud, began to teach a couples course based on the Imago work of Harville Hendrix, the PAIRS training of Dr. Laurie Gordon, and their own insights, study and practices. They continue to offer retreats and seminars all over the world; Linda's third book, Love Cycles, newly published, is based on this work.

As an adult, Linda found her birth mother, the novelist Paula Fox, and began to understand her deep-seated love of poetry anew. In 2006, her memoir, Her Mother’s Daughter, was published by Doubleday. In 2008, Remember Who You Are was published by Conari Press.

Linda's new book, Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love, is now available. Sign up for her mailing list to learn the latest news for this terrific book. And follow her on Facebook.

Linda has five children and ten grandchildren. She lives in Corvallis, Oregon, with her husband and three Jack Russells* and continues her lifelong path of spiritual seeking.

* Alas, she now has two Jack Russells.
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“Tim and Linda not only helped us save our marriage (and retirement accounts), but their work was transformational.”

— David Long, M.D. and
Deborah Lyman, LCSW

“If you're wondering whether or not to attend Linda's seminar, GO! What she knows about human interaction is truly astounding. Whether your relationship is ‘perfect,’ on the rocks, or anywhere in between - GO! Listening to her for 40 minutes started us on a life-saving journey.”

— Marty, Screenwriter and Actor

“As a therapist, an adoptee, and a mother, Linda Carroll offers a unique perspective on the complex subject of adoption, identity, and parenting. She is a great storyteller, full of wit and heart and intelligence.”

— Sydney Goldstein,
Founding Executive Director,
City Arts and Lectures,
San Francisco, CA

Linda is also a popular keynote speaker on topics such as “Love Cycles” and “The Myth of Closure: Discovering the Beginnings in Endings” and several other subjects.

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