Linda on Power Up Living

Linda’s recent interview on Power Up Living with Kelly Galea provided a free-form discussion on love and highlighted Linda’s new book, Love Cycles.

Topics included:
  • What “love cycles” are
  • The five distinct stages of love
  • How to identify which stage you are currently experiencing in your relationship
  • What to do when things shift
  • The single most important ingredient to a long-time successful relationship
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Harvesting Happiness: Love is in the Air

We’re pleased to present Linda’s interview last week on “Harvesting Happiness” talk radio. The show is hosted by Lisa Cypers Kamen, a psychologist, coach, and motivational speaker specializing in the field of happiness.

In this episode, Linda explores:
  • Looking at Love Cycles
  • The Questions to Ask in a Committed Relationship
  • The Effect of Love on the Brain
  • What Cheating Means in a Relationship
  • What Attracts Us to a Partner
Click below to listen now:

Or click
HERE to download the interview directly.