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Northwest Seminars & Consulting

“The spiral symbolizes the process of growth and evolution…but at a different level, so that everything is seen in a new light.”

— Angeles Arrien

Since 1989, Northwest Seminars has offered the highest quality of counseling, workshops and classes. Our mission is to help people develop the inner resources and outer skills to create extraordinary lives and relationships.
"As a leading relationship counselor for more than thirty years, I know how fragile the ties that hold us together can be. Frequently I see couples who think they want out of the relationship when they are  just looking for a way out of the difficulty, stress, and lack of healthy communication.

"Using a variety of modalities—including Imago relationship therapy—I will help you with communication skills training, self-understanding, and learning practical tools for bringing empathy and goodwill into your relationship."

— Linda Carroll


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