“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”
Sam Keen

NWSC Services

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    • Individual Counseling
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      We offer individual counseling sessions for anyone dealing with personal issues that they would like help resolving. Issues we can work with include:
      • Relationship problems
      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • Healing past trauma
      • Family of origin issues
      • Issues of adoption
      • Spiritual questioning
      • Times of transition
      • Illness and Loss
      • Sexuality
      linda carroll counseling
      If you wish to see Linda in her Corvallis office, please click HERE.
    • Relationship Help
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      Are you Experiencing any of the following?

      • Feeling distant/disconnected?
      • Unable to resolve conflicts?
      • Trust/infidelity issues?
      • Difficulty communicating?
      • Lack of romance, passion and sexual desire?
      • Trouble with anger, defensiveness or indifference?

      We offer relationship counseling for couples of all orientations and at any stage of relationship.

      Undertaking couples work will allow you to:
      • Resolve past or present conflicts
      • Heal from affairs and betrayal
      • Rediscover the promise of the first stage of love
      • Learn skills for sustaining connection over time, resolving conflict, and enhancing intimacy
      • Break out of negative patterns
      • Rediscover passion at any age or stage

      All relationships have difficult dynamics. Although cultural messages teach us that problems signify something is intrinsically wrong and that we should expect the initial glow of love never to fade, these ideas are simply untrue. A long-term relationship is an ongoing journey that includes happy sunny days, upsetting stormy ones, and boring gray times as well. As with any journey, we need to accept the good with the bad and believe in a destination worth arriving at.

      As an Imago-trained therapist, I focus on the patterns and cycles of your relationship. I am not looking for the person who is "at fault" but instead will help you to identify the unconscious dynamics that can sabotage the relationship. In your work with me, you will learn ways to nurture intimacy, enhance romance, communicate effectively, and resolve difficult relationship problems. These are skills which will sustain you long after you leave my office.

      We specialize in three services for relationships:
      • Relationship Counseling
      • The Couples Course
      • The Couples Coaching Intensives

      Please call today to see which of these services are right for you:
      (541) 758-4118

    • The Couples Course
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      Click below to learn about NWSC’s methods:
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      Introduction to The Couples Course  

      People come to this class for many reasons and in different states of their relationship journey.  
      Some are in good relationships and want to make them better. Others come when they are in the glow of a new relationship and want to learn the skills to keep that promise alive. Still others have come because they are not certain they are with the “right partner” and are choosing to make their next decision conscious rather than reactive. And some people take the course because they have a good relationship with some very painful reactive patterns that they want to let go of, but don't know the way.

      What is the goal? Watch below. 
      This class is an educational program that will provide you with a “new technology” which is evidence-based. You will learn gentle and practical ways to navigate the sometimes delightful, often painful, and potentially deeply rewarding path of being in a relationship with another human being. 
      Changing our patterns is never easy. Learning to practice other ways of responding is a Herculean task, especially when we are under stress. With the support of the group, teachers, and other classmates, you will implement the materials and practices we offer to help you make those changes and learn to maintain them under stress.
      We have trained with outstanding teachers and studied extraordinary programs and this course is a program that has grown from that. In particular, I wish to thank The Imago International Foundation, The PAIRS International Foundation, and the remarkable work of Dr. Ann Ladd, who has demystified how to break out of “couples infinity loops.”

      Whether romantic, or friendship, or creating family, we begin all of our relationships with great hopes and dreams. The distance between the cultural messages about “perfection and happiness” and the reality of keeping love alive over a long period, create a lot of distress for many of us. You deserve to experience fulfillment in all of your love relationships. The problem is that very few of us have the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve this end.

      The beginning of relationship is automatic; we fall in love and then become frustrated with the same person without effort.We don't need skills to be swept away in the fantasy of a new love. Then, in the minutiae of sharing a life with another imperfect person, we all find ourselves falling into hard patterns and tricky dynamics over issues of conflict and feeing appreciated. These ruptures are not in our control. It is what we do next with these upsets that is in our control. We can learn to do repair that strengthens trust and goodwill.
      When we get to the trouble spots, as we all have in every human and imperfect situation, we have new choices in this era that generations before us didn't have. We have research and technology that points us to healthy relating. We can learn to do the “next part” of the relationship journey with skillful navigation. 
      We look forward to the shared adventure of discovering these possibilities that will change how we see ourselves and those we love.
      Read what people say about The Couples Course:

      “The tools we learned have transformed our marriage and began a process of deeper connection and much needed healing.”

      — S.K., Portland, OR

      “The level of trust in the class created an accelerated level of learning that I have rarely experienced.”

      ~ David E. Carter, LCSW

      “Because of this class we are planning our wedding, instead of being locked in a power struggle.”

      — Dan G., Snohomish, WA

      “An awakening of self knowledge and communication skills—essential for any healthy relationship. Tim and Linda were amazingly intuitive and wonderfully compassionate in guiding my difficult inner journey.”

      — Mark Hixon, Professor

      “I have been involved in personal growth work for over 15 years and have attended numerous seminars. I rank Tim and Linda's couples course as one of the best.”

      — Dr. William Barish, Family Practice Physician, Lebanon, OR

      “Life changing experience!”

      — Mike B., Retired, Air Force, Portland, OR

      “Terrific, important and even fun. I wish we hadn't waited so long. I just gave the class to our son and his fiancee for their wedding present.”

      — Nancy T, Attorney, San Francisco

      “In The Couples Course we learned the skills that have gotten us through the hard times and enriched our marriage. I would, and do, recommend this course to any couple wanting to be in a long time marriage.”

      — Jan Elliott, Counselor, LPC

      “Tim and Linda bring much more than course material and protocols to the experience.....they bring mastery, and the addition of fun, humor and the wisdom of life experience.”

      —Paul Moss, Anya Kumara

      More Praise . . .

      “We have spent a fortune on golf lessons, how to fly an airplane and updating our computer skills but never considered spending money on our relationship. These lessons in how to love better that we learned from Tim, Ann and Linda are the best investment we have ever made.”

      — Pat & Danny McCartner, Southern California

      “The Course has not only saved our marriage, but we as a couple are thriving and growing closer than we have ever been in 14 years.”

      — Aimee, Homemaker and Manager, Albany, OR

      “We are happier as a couple and individually than we ever imagined we could be, and I credit this class with a lot of the reasons. WOW!”

      — Marcia Fairman, Retired Teacher, Newport, OR

      “I wholeheartedly, enthusiastically recommend this course to everyone. I wish the skills were taught in high school. I think every couple would benefit by taking it.”

      — Carol Hennessy

    • The Couples Coaching Intensives
      with Linda Carroll
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      When Linda began to speak to audiences about her “Love Cycles” program, she found many couples who wanted the skill-focused experience the workshop offered, but were unable to come to Oregon or not able to find time for the workshop. She began to offer private intensives for individual couples in Corvallis and cities all over the country: New York City, La Jolla, San Francisco, Houston, Nashville and Rancho Santa Fe.

      The intensive is a series of several sessions over two consecutive days, usually held at a hotel, the couple's home or Linda's office. These private programs offer a process of life-coaching. This focused approach is perfect for people with busy lives who are attracted to the efficiency of making many changes in a short period of time, sometimes shortcutting years of weekly therapy.

      Linda draws on her two decades of being a relationship educator, as well as her thirty years of work as a therapist, in creating intensive coaching sessions that are individually designed for your relationship's particular challenges and strengths.

      Click the button below for details on the Coaching Intensives.
      Read what others say about The Couples Intensives:

      “Linda's strong commitment to conflict resolution combined with her gentle spirit provide a safe environment to address difficult situations in all personal and family matters. I will be forever grateful for her guidance during a stressful and emotional transition in my life and that of my family’s.”

      — E.M., philanthropist and designer, New York City

      “Linda is one of the most intuitive human beings I have ever known. Her range as a therapist can go from extensive knowledge of addictions to religious issues to finances. I wish my husband and I had met her years ago instead of all the other therapists we have been through. Linda is truly a gift! Thank you, Linda.”

      — E.K., horticulturist and business owner, Jacksonville, FL

      “We reached a time in our relationship where we felt like we hit a brick wall together. Through Rancho La Puerta, we found Linda. She helped us through the impasse and left us with tools to use to get through the next difficult time. This was so much better than weekly therapy and I am telling everyone about her incredible work.”

      —Jack, serial entrepreneur, La Jolla

    • Distance Coaching
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      We offer one-on-one coaching for couples and individuals by phone and via Skype.* Sessions can be scheduled one at a time or in reduced-rate packages.
      Life Coaching with Linda
      Linda Carroll: Distance Coaching
      Single Session

      Great for occasional “tune-ups” following several past sessions, or for dealing with one, small, specific issue and discovering what stage you are in.
      Linda Carroll: Coaching
      Savings Package

      Because many of us find that we need ongoing support to make changes, we offer a significant reduction for packages of 5 sessions, with 6 months to complete the package.

      We will teach you about infinity loops (the repeated arguments that never seem to end) and help you discover effective ways to get out of them. We will explore the five essential qualities of good communication, how to repair trust, and the three most important things to do to bring back passion and intimacy into your relationship.
      * A note regarding phone calls and Skype:
      Like relationships, counseling involves trust and intimacy. Nothing replaces human contact. While Skype is essentially a visual phone call, it provides an easy-to-use technology that allows us to be there with each other—even at great distances. We are quite comfortable using either the phone or Skype for coaching purposes and are confident that you will, too. For more complicated issues beyond a coach's reach, we may recommend counseling with someone in your area.
    • Imago Relationship Therapy
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      Imago Relationship Therapy

      Linda has been a certified IMAGO Therapist since 2006.

      Certified Imago Couples Therapists are fully trained and licensed professionals at the top of their field.

      They have completed an extensive training program in Imago Relationship Therapy, including intensive practical training and consultation with a Certified Imago Clinical Instructor.

      The training program was developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix, co-founder of Imago and author of Getting The Love You Want.
      Click HERE to learn more about Imago Relationship Therapy.
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Issues we can work with include:
  • Relationship problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Healing past trauma
  • Family of origin issues
  • Issues of adoption

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